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Skin Care

At this time of the year do you look into the mirror at your face in horror? Do you see your skin suffering from the ravages of winter weather? Your skin can look dull, dry, and flaky and where did those angry spots come from? You gasp at finding fine lines spreading out from your lips and around your eyes, and milia sprouting like tiny button mushrooms on your cheeks or forehead. Donít panic, first check you are not looking through the magnified side of your mirror. Looking at your normal unmagnified reflection is not so scary, but you may feel you would like to enhance your complexion and remove some of those unwanted blemishes.

Why not treat your face to a selection of cleansing, nourishing, revitalising, wrinkle reducing treatments available at your local beauty salons in the county. There is a wide range of treatments for all skin types, these can range from non-surgical facelifts with muscle toning, and fine line reduction using stimulating probes, and include a facial massage. A galvanic and high frequency treatment which will remove dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin and propel nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. It also is beneficial for controlling acne. There are advanced techniques that remove milia, skin tags, and thread veins. A micro-dermabrasion treatment will remove a fine layer of skin cells revealing a fresher skin and stimulate new growth. All these treatments are very relaxing and can improve your complexion.

You can relax on a heated couch in warm comfortable, surroundings with soothing music, as you try various facials that last from 30 minutes to one and a half hours. A paraffin wax facial softens the skin and stimulates the blood vessels to carry nutrients to the skinís layers giving a fresh glow to a dull skin. There are many types of mask that can be applied to the face to replace collagen, vitamins, anti-wrinkle agents and moisture.

Not only can you treat and enhance you skin from the outside but also through your diet and vitamin and mineral supplements. By providing the nutrients for the production of skin cells healthy skin growth will be encouraged. Vitamin A with carotene protects the skin from sun damage and plays an important part in producing new cells, some of the foods that are rich in vitamin A are, eggs, milk, cheese, carrots, melon, apricots, and cod liver oil. Vitamin B2 is important in keeping the skin healthy and needs to be increased if taking alcohol or the contraceptive pill. B2 is found in yeast, wheatgerm, cheese, oily fish, nuts and egg yolks. Vitamin B6 and B8 are found in chocolate, milk, egg yolks, honey, molasses, watercress, poultry, and sunflower seeds and are needed in keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin C helps eliminate toxins; it helps destroy chemicals found in the body that can produce premature ageing of the skin. Increase Vitamin C if smoking as it is destroyed by tobacco. Vitamin D can be produced by the body with the action of sunlight on the skin, and is a protection against infection, it is found in oily fish, fish oils eggs, and milk. Vitamin E stops oxidation by protecting the cells and tissues, lack of this vitamin causes the skin to loose its healthy glow. Some of the foods containing this vitamin are lettuce, vegetable oils, hazelnuts and almonds.

Minerals that needed to keep the skin healthy are Iodine to strengthen the skin by producing a hormone that regulates skin condition. It is found in sea food, dried fruit and kelp. Phosphorus is essential in forming skin cells and is found in cheese, egg yolks, nuts, chocolate, sardines, tuna and shellfish. Selenium protects against ageing, removes toxins and keeps the skin elastic by slowing the ageing process. It is found in onions, yeast, sesame seeds, beans, corn, wheatgerm, fish and pineapple. Silicon also helps slow down ageing as it holds the cells together, rehydrates the skin, heals skin lesions. Silicon is found in onions, garlic, husks of grains and the peel of fruit. Sulphur protects against skin eruptions, and tones the skin. It can be found in dried beans, onions, meat, fish and eggs.

Zinc also protects against skin infections and is found in Wholegrain bread, fish, egg yolks, pumpkin seeds, and shellfish.

Having a healthy diet and extra help with beauty salon treatments can give you an attractive, healthy skin to be proud of. If you are unsure about having a treatment or taking supplements due to a health problem please speak to your Doctor first.


Helen Maughan



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